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Short post

First few days of work were awesome and full of papery goodness! I feel that at least some of it has gone in, hopefully! Now to start my first actual working week of the summer. I’m gonna make me some stimli!

New Star Trek film and some wine tonight, I almost feel cultured…almost (dons sunglasses in preparation for lens flare)

Meh. Short post…

Exams are over, let the working begin!

Exams are over! How I’ve waited for this day! Now to remember what I did before revision took over my life…was it something to do with genes/children/pop psych? No…I would hope not.

So currently having a relaxing bank holiday, doing exactly nothing. I may paint my nails while watching some junk films, but that is as much as I intend to do today. Anyway, I have to be up early tomorrow for my induction! w00t! I get to get a new staff card with the same details as the one I just handed in, hopefully not with the same ‘just dug up’ picture, but I expect it will be. At least I can scare small children with it I suppose. I get to have an induction around the department tomorrow, which should be short seeing as I spend a lot of time in there already. I’m really looking forward to working in the psych department, I owe many thanks/favours/drinks for the opportunity! Unfortunately I have to share an office with a certain Dr.Godwin. Tsch, there’s always a down side!

Soleil beau

Last night of work in the library! Scary! It’s such a nice sunny day too, not a bad day. Really doesn’t feel like I’ve quit just yet, still regretting it. I’ll miss my crumby pay days. When I see how busy the library is in exam time I’ll be glad I’m not here anymore. Alas, for now I will just worry about how I threw a nice easy job/money away! It would have had a serious inpact on my grades this semester though, no reading week, catch up from all the lectures I’ve missed due to working the night before lectures all year, those final assignments and the four weeks of new stuff before the exams. I wouldn’t of stood a chance. Dammit, I want my reading week back!

Still being throttled by this personality assignment, I’ve not had chance to write it up at work, it’s been surprisingly busy in the library concidering it is still the easter break. I have all my research at least and a draft sorted out, it’s just the arduous task of writing it…preferably in some sort of formal English, not my draft English concisting of “this dude thinks this other dude is an idiot and says so.”  Fun timez.

The security guard is helping brush up my french, so far I’ve remember how to ask for the train station and  “sun good”! Oh, and a vague memory of how to ask if I can take my blazer off (from school, not for any weird purposes). I could survive in France with that, especially if I wanted to be at a train station, while the sun was hot and while I am in need of removing a blazer!

In a cute tone – I didn’t want to leave the house today. A certain little kitteh was being too cute and I felt so bad to leave him alone! Though I wasn’t too pleased after he rubbed around my legs while I was wearing black tights…now with added white cat hair! ^.^

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ geekin’

So very relaxed and feeling good. My sleeping patterns are back where I feel most alive, I still have nothing to do, bar whatever I want. It’s certainly been awhile. Plus still six days till work and then they are my last four shifts! 🙂 Happy happy joy?

Random nonsense:

New Doctor Who…I approve. I have avoided watching it for awhile due to my hatred of annoying wenches and people who apologise too much. I have to say I actually liked the new episode and I hope Moffat keeps it interesting. I approve of Mr Smith and his tweed-ness and his new wench isn’t annoying, always a positive point! Can’t wait for the angels (from Blink) episode.

Tonight, new Jonathan Creek! I have been re-watching  them all lately so I’m quite excited for the new one. In a sad geeky way ofc. Seeing as I’m watching all the Star Trek films at the moment as well, it’s pretty obvious I’m geeking it up. I also bought a season of Ducktales! It’s fantastic, I wish I had more old cartoons.

I’ve been faffing with the new joys of CS4, it’s pretty damn clever when comparing it to the 7 I learnt on. Glowing orbs that would of taken 5+ layers to look 3D can be sorted in 2+ layers due to the new 3D tab (see below). I’m still playing with it, but it can do so much, I’ve barely made anything as I just want to faff with all the options more!

A shiny orb thing. Only four layers, background, the orb, highlight and shadow. The orb is made using the new 3D stuff. It basically throws you a 3D geometric shape and you have all the light sources and stuff already there, it’s just a case of fiddling with all the options.

It’s going to be horrible when I have to finish that horrible essay and start revision for exams, I like my life of being a bum.