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Soleil beau

Last night of work in the library! Scary! It’s such a nice sunny day too, not a bad day. Really doesn’t feel like I’ve quit just yet, still regretting it. I’ll miss my crumby pay days. When I see how busy the library is in exam time I’ll be glad I’m not here anymore. Alas, for now I will just worry about how I threw a nice easy job/money away! It would have had a serious inpact on my grades this semester though, no reading week, catch up from all the lectures I’ve missed due to working the night before lectures all year, those final assignments and the four weeks of new stuff before the exams. I wouldn’t of stood a chance. Dammit, I want my reading week back!

Still being throttled by this personality assignment, I’ve not had chance to write it up at work, it’s been surprisingly busy in the library concidering it is still the easter break. I have all my research at least and a draft sorted out, it’s just the arduous task of writing it…preferably in some sort of formal English, not my draft English concisting of “this dude thinks this other dude is an idiot and says so.”  Fun timez.

The security guard is helping brush up my french, so far I’ve remember how to ask for the train station and  “sun good”! Oh, and a vague memory of how to ask if I can take my blazer off (from school, not for any weird purposes). I could survive in France with that, especially if I wanted to be at a train station, while the sun was hot and while I am in need of removing a blazer!

In a cute tone – I didn’t want to leave the house today. A certain little kitteh was being too cute and I felt so bad to leave him alone! Though I wasn’t too pleased after he rubbed around my legs while I was wearing black tights…now with added white cat hair! ^.^


In nicer news, finally recorded a kitty chirp!