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Classic penal-tron dilettante

Oooooh, coming close to my first weekend where I would be working. I’m quite happy how it’s all turned out. Currently have 5 weeks left till summer holidays and the last assignment and revision for exams has begun. Just the terrible task of picking modules and project for next year, I change my options every few hours, not good. Seems to be a lot of heath and social…which I normally try to avoid. Summertime soon and helping out with psychology dilettante style. I’m quite excited to get paid to geek it up all summer! ^.^

Currently experiencing a time warp with my music. I’ve found the MTV Classic channel has a “Alternative Classic Mixtape” few hours . I feel sad that music I like is marked classic :/ I’m not that old! Although I am happy that it’s a music channel I can watch for more than one song without wanting to flick! Also, it’s really handed to be reminded of bands that I forgot about…my poor, old person memory obviously. Now I’m related artist surfing in Spotify, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Pixies <3 I really must find an indie club that plays this stuff still!

Hayward bought me Sam and Max – The Penal Zone, twas quite awesome! I love point and click games! The massive amount of dialogue jokes is also really funny, especially remarks about cleaning themselves with their tongues…like cats and flight attendants! I thought it was hilarious! It took me a good two sittings to complete it and I really enjoyed it. The graphics are much better than the usual point and click games like Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS) which was my favourite for re-playing. I can’t wait for more of the Sam and Max series of games. If I was to review it briefly I’d have to say if you like point and click you will love this! If you don’t like the whole “clicking everything in existence to see what it does” stuff you might not like it, but it has a hint level option where you can look into the future with Max’s new psychic powers to make it not seem so pointy-pointy, but you can decide if you want it high hint level or low. Also, unlike a lot of point and click games you don’t ever need to click on something the size of a pixel (minor exaggeration) to activate anything. Finally, if you love the Sam and Max humour, you will love this, I don’t normally giggle away to myself while playing a game.

I’m currently involved in the bi yearly new phone hunt…I hate it, I pick one, decide it’s a rip, than dally around. The best thing to do would be to get the htc desire, but parting with my money causes pain. Speaking of my money spending…I should really be behaved with the whole being out of work for a month, alas the temptation was too great : My Other Rise is a Light Cycle It was just too awesome to resist!

For the old school!