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New hosting!

After losing all index related everything…twice…in a month, the decision to change hosting was an easy one. It’s just annoying to have to re-make all my wordpress jazz. Luckily I hadn’t had time to customise it too much!
However, I have back ups of my few posts, which I just stuck up, and are completely the wrong dates, so it looks like I got flu, did several assignments, went to work, recovered from flu and got new hosting in about 4 hours. Busy day!
Much less stressed now I have the weight of half my assignments off my back. Also, had good news relating to work. This weekend at the library won’t seem anywhere near as depressing as usual! Only a results section and a plasticity essay to go, which I’m more set with now. In a week I’ll be free!
Also, discovered Art Brut, much behind the times…where has my music brain been hiding the last few years