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Extraneous details

I had an awesome time in London. Saw David Devant & His Spirit Wife, which was an great gig, even the support (The Bikini Beach Band) were good!  Really had fun! If I could see them again tomorrow I would go again! The next day I did the usual shopping for things and sightseeing. Finally managed to go to the Tate which I’ve wanted to do for ages. My feet are about ready to fall off with the amount of walking I’ve done in the last few days. I didn’t want to leave though! 🙁

Summer Solstice this weekend and I’m off to Stone Henge for it. It will be the first time I’ve been so that’ll be interesting, hoping it won’t rain! Almost looks like I have a social life eh?

Tomorrow I will be catching up on on my work I’ve not been doing and should be, doh!