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Pop psych…not popular with me

First night of my notice! Everything bad about the job now makes me happy, especially now I know the end is nigh.

Currently researching pop psychology essay, but it is annoying to research something your just going to slate for 1500 words.  Considering personality typing as a topic, but there isn’t much recent stuff, except in management journals. Management love personality typing, especially in supermarkets! I remember first going to apply for a job at M&S, you couldn’t apply in store, you had to complete an online personality test (talent screening) first before you could have an interview.

The test had questions about how you would act in different scenarios, and the choice of answers were all acceptable things to do and extremly similar (e.g. you finish a task, do you – a)help busy collegue, b)ask supervisor what to do, c)recheck work). Anyway, I filled the questionnaire out and got rejected because I favoured the answers about organisation and efficiency over customer service, which seeing as I was applying for a job early mornings before the shop opened, I figured I was fine. Alas, I had failed. There was so many things about the questionnaire that just seemed weird, there seemed no way of of assessing it, or even telling which answer was correct!

A quick google later I have the answers and an interview and was employed within three days. I would love to meet who came up with the idea of having a very poor personality test as a screening process for interviews. Even a good personality test surely could not say who is better suited to stacking fruit and veg. Maybe if I’m stuck for work again I can use my psychology skills to examine the customer base in supermarkets, it’s always surprising to see the same elderly people come in every morning to buy a lime, a handful of grapes and a can of gin and tonic.

Anyway, back to researching this fun topic…