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Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ geekin’

So very relaxed and feeling good. My sleeping patterns are back where I feel most alive, I still have nothing to do, bar whatever I want. It’s certainly been awhile. Plus still six days till work and then they are my last four shifts! 🙂 Happy happy joy?

Random nonsense:

New Doctor Who…I approve. I have avoided watching it for awhile due to my hatred of annoying wenches and people who apologise too much. I have to say I actually liked the new episode and I hope Moffat keeps it interesting. I approve of Mr Smith and his tweed-ness and his new wench isn’t annoying, always a positive point! Can’t wait for the angels (from Blink) episode.

Tonight, new Jonathan Creek! I have been re-watching  them all lately so I’m quite excited for the new one. In a sad geeky way ofc. Seeing as I’m watching all the Star Trek films at the moment as well, it’s pretty obvious I’m geeking it up. I also bought a season of Ducktales! It’s fantastic, I wish I had more old cartoons.

I’ve been faffing with the new joys of CS4, it’s pretty damn clever when comparing it to the 7 I learnt on. Glowing orbs that would of taken 5+ layers to look 3D can be sorted in 2+ layers due to the new 3D tab (see below). I’m still playing with it, but it can do so much, I’ve barely made anything as I just want to faff with all the options more!

A shiny orb thing. Only four layers, background, the orb, highlight and shadow. The orb is made using the new 3D stuff. It basically throws you a 3D geometric shape and you have all the light sources and stuff already there, it’s just a case of fiddling with all the options.

It’s going to be horrible when I have to finish that horrible essay and start revision for exams, I like my life of being a bum.